This Old Doll's Boutique

Warning! NEVER PULL ON THE CUT EDGES. They will fray and the stitches will run like an old stocking. Here is a safe way to make a sock with a double-turned cuff.
Size the socks. Begin by turning the cuff on your sock. Grasp the tube as far from the edge as the width of your sock's cuff.
Use your index finger to push the raw edge inside.
Put both middle fingers inside the turned cuff. Grasp the sock and the inside raw edge between thumbs and index fingers.
Use middle fingers to push cuff inside for a second fold. Use index fingers to smooth out inside folded cuff.
Slide the cuff over the doll's foot and up the leg to the desired length.
Put a straight pin on the tube below the foot.
Slide the tube off the leg. Put a finger inside the cuff and roll out the cuff. You now know the length of tubing you need for one sock.
Fold the tubing just under the straight pin.
Use the cut edge as a guide and cut the tubing making a piece long enough for two socks.
Remove the straight pin and cut the piece of tubing in half.
Carefully turn the two pieces inside out.
Easiest way is to turn the cuff inside again, slide the tube over the doll's foot and then put your thumb on the tube on the bottom of the foot.
Push the tube down the leg and over your thumb
Grasp the tubing that's over your thumb
and pull the rest of the tubing down over it.
You now have two pieces of inside-out tubing, the same, perfect length for a pair of socks.
Stitch one end of each piece of tubing. I stitch it four times - twice with a small straight stitch and twice with a zig-zag. By starting in the center and stitching to the edge, I avoid having to use a backing under the knit material. Machines and features differ, though so you probably already know what works best for you when stitching knitted fabric.
Turn the cuffs to the inside and then turn the entire sock inside out. All done!
8" Ginnysmall8
14" Slim Bodysmall12
18" Slim Bodymedium12
21" Slim Bodylarge9
14" P-90 Tonimedium10
16" P-91 Tonilarge10
18" P-92 Tonilarge11
22" P-93 Tonilarge13
Patsy Jr.small11
Patsy Joanlarge13
Patsy Annlarge14
11" Compo Shirley Templesmall9
13" Compo Shirley Templesmall12
16" Compo Shirley Templemedium11
17" Compo Shirley Templemedium12
18" Compo Shirley Templelarge13
20" Compo Shirley Templelarge14
22" Compo Shirley Templelarge17
25" Compo Shirley Templelarge20
27" Compo Shirley Templelarge24
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